SOGLASIE Insurance Co. Ltd. is one of the insurance market leaders of the Russian Federation, a successful business enterprise since 1993.

The authorised share capital of 7.28  billion roubles secures a strong and steady financial position of the Company.

SOGLASIE Insurance Co. Ltd. efficiently provides over 90 types of voluntary and compulsory insurance making use of the relevant licenses and supplying the full range of high-quality insurance products for the benefit of businesses and individuals.

The high business standing of SOGLASIE Insurance Co. Ltd. is supported by the reliability rating of Expert RA, a reputable Russian rating agency. In June 2012 the Company increased its reliability rating to the А++ (“Exceptionally high reliability rating”, with the “stable” rating outlook).
The Company always fulfils its obligations to over 1.5 million of its partners and customers, thus enjoying an impeccable reputation in the Russian and international reinsurance markets.

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