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OIL & GAS, GEOLOGY & GEOPHYSICS, EQUIPMENT. Russia and CIS – Annual Directory
The edition is published in printed version as well as their electronic CD and on-line versions at The Directory provides up-to-date information about over 3000 Russian and CIS companies related to Oil & Gas industry (company name, address, telephones, fax, e-mail, contact names, company’s profile). The information is structured by sections (oil and gas industry, service companies, geology, geophysics, equipment, consulting).
The edition is published in printed version as well as on-line at journal provides its subscribers with commercial information on the serial oil-and-gas equipment and metal rolling delivery terms and conditions from the major Russia and CIS manufacturers and suppliers. In ILLIQUID section is publishing the unclaimed equipment and materials in the oil and gas companies. The journal publishes statistical data on production volumes of the oil-and-gas equipment, interviews with market participants about the situation in the industry and its problems as well as important events on the oil-and-gas market.
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