Mission of ALCA

  •  to assist the development of the Leasing field of Azerbaijan and hold a seminar for the exchange of opinions;
  •  to find out the persons and organizations, who/which will achieve to realize such opinions.

Main aims of ALCA

  • to assist the development of private sectors in Azerbaijan;
  • to organize meetings to provide with advice and exchange of information about the issues related to the development of Leasing filed in Azerbaijan;
  • to develop the cooperation by strengthening the relationships between the organizations interested in the leasing market;
  • to develop the cooperation and relationships of the organizations with financial background (leasing companies, commercial banks, insurance companies, macro-financial organizations, private companies, international organizations, economy-based NGO’s, donors, etc);
  • to determine the gaps and obstacles arising in the development of leasing field  of Azerbaijan and to develop proposals to solve them;
  • to carry out the initiatives proposed by means of main opportunities and sponsorship of members on the cooperative and individual bases;
  • to create a source of information about finance and various service programs, investment opportunities and potential business partners of local and international companies;
  • to support the development of Leasing activities in industry,  agriculture, and other fields of service and economy;
  • to organize the meetings and actions aimed at promoting the leasing field;
  • to assist the training of  the highly specialized team in the field of Leasing;
  • to support the realization of leasing programs , which are of country and local importance;
  • to take necessary actions to involve investors in the Leasing field.
  • Main Activities of ALCA
  • to make proposals for the improvement of Leasing legislation;
  • to create more extended relationships with Governmental Organizations;
  • to realize cooperation and introductory programs with International Institutions (World Bank, I FC, etc);
  • to create an extensive co-operation with local business associations and agencies;
  • to increase the interest on the demands of Local Private companies for Leasing;
  • to collect and spread the information received for Leasing Companies from various sources;
  • to support organizationally participation in local and international  conferences concerning Leasing;
  • to co-operate with Foreign Leasing Associations;
  • to organize a training exchange among the foreign and Azerbaijan Leasing companies to make an organizational support to learn the experience of Foreign Countries in the Leasing field;
  • to hold a referendum among the entrepreneurs to find out existing problems in the Leasing field;
  • to conduct conferences, seminars, symposiums, and round-table meetings dedicated to the development problems of Leasing;
  • to organize training seminars for training highly skilled leasing specialists and assisting them.  

At the moment ALCA include 11 leasing compnies:

  • Joint Leasing
  • AG Leasing
  • AtaLeasing
  • DemirBank
  • Bank of Baku
  • Credagro
  • UniLeasing
  • Standard Leasing
  • QafqazLeasing
  • ASB Bank (observer status)
  • NİKOİL Leasing (observer status)

By the end of 2010 the leasing portfolio of the leasing companies in Azerbaijan was in a 190 mln. USD level.

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