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Moscow, Russia


The genesis of regulatory compliance and organisational vigilance

Corporate fraud and transgressions both intentional and opportunistic are a constant and growing threat to the confidence and trust in Russian and CIS companies. Organisations across the CIS are becoming acutely aware of the need to achieve compliance with regulations and in many cases to implement and manage independent and proactive measures to combat fraud and minimise risk. A preliminary assessment of recent changes in the market and in regulatory bodies will inevitably affect near and long term business development.

This upcoming IC Energy business event will highlight the most recent developments, new practices and innovative solutions from leading companies pioneering companies will discuss effective implementation, development and improvement of risk aversion compliance systems, as well as present real world experience in managing and preventing fraud.

COMPLIANCE AND FRAUD PREVENTION 2014 - The Genesis of Regulatory Compliance and Organisational Vigilance will present leading experts from international and Russian companies presenting  the most important and relevant issues of legislation, compliance system development in organisations, and will have a decided focus on fraud prevention in public and private companies. The Event will feature case studies from market leading Europe, Russian/CIS and global companies that will illustrate and demonstrate emerging solutions to the timely and important questions of compliance and fraud prevention.

This event will give an opportunity to:

  • Evaluate the latest legislative changes: assessments and perspectives
  • Analyse compliance development: new trends
  • Develop an effective compliance programme: new practices
  • Find ways of effective compliance promotion into corporate culture
  • Build successful corporate compliance systems
  • Discuss stress testing of compliance programme
  • Manage corporate fraud and corruption risks
  • Learn about leading practices of fraud detection
  • Identify approaches and methods to fraud prevention

Who should attend?

  • Director/ Head of Compliance
  • Director/ Head of Operational Risks
  • Director of Internal Audit and Control
  • Director of Legal Department
  • Security Director


  • Leading Companies
  • Legal Companies
  • Consulting Companies



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