In a highly competitive environment improving efficiency has long been a challenge for financial institutions. Operational excellence is one of the key factors of success in a financial institution that allows the organisation to successfully compete in the market. In this regard, many banks are attempting to implement initiatives aimed at reducing costs. Only some of these institutions will be successful in their efforts to position their institutions on more competitive footing. The key to reducing costs and improving efficiency of the banking is not merely to cut, but to optimise banking processes. The diversity of processes includes customer service in the front office, transaction registration and processing in the back office and many, many more.

This IC Energy conference will give participants an opportunity to learn from industry leading companies and individuals and through case studies and by a variety of timely and important topic presentations by leading authorities. Participants will share unique and valuable experiences with those successfully working in the sector through well organised networking opportunities offering each participant a focused atmosphere to meet new colleagues, renew existing partnerships, exchange experiences and expertise with peers and connect with sector leaders.

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